Sustainable Landscape Management
11 Woodlands Close, #09-11 Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853

Our Green Walls can be installed indoors or outdoors, free standing or attached to the existing wall, and can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Green Walls are at the cutting edge of design and are safe to install on almost any structure, indoors and outdoors. They make a dramatic statement and create a welcoming environment for employees, clients, and visitors.

Additionally, according to studies, a living wall can increase property values of commercial buildings by up to 20%, absorb and clean air pollutants from the environment.

Because of their beauty and sustainability, Green Walls are ideal to bring life to:

  • Commercial buildings and office areas
  • Public parks and buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Eco-Friendly buildings


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